Brooklyn based music studio featuring Live Streaming & Audio Recordings from some of the most known DJs as well as those still up and coming. 

 Audio is recorded in full quality wav. format and able to be used for your own promotion needs.

 Live stream with full video production, cutaway screens, custom graphics, branded logo watermarks, artist music smart links for upcoming releases, 5 HD cameras for different viewing angles, seating for guests, refrigerator for your food and drinks, dancing room for your guests, bathrooms, complete control over computer club-style lighting for your vibe of the vibe and a professional-grade full equipped Club Style DJ Booth & Sound System.

Unifi Music Live Studio Rental

We have teamed up with TechnoLive Sets to offer you an additional resource to help promote your dj set & name to millions of listeners around the globe on multiple media platforms. Thanks to the vast resources of this well known music industry promotion service we are able to provide this for a reduced rate through our website only. Trust Us! The results are well worth it.

Unifi Music Records Label & Music Studio | Brooklyn, NY